Since 1981 Quantum Technologies Inc. has developed specialized equipment for the continuous mixing of gases, liquids, and solids. Recently patented Continuous Flow series reactors will continuously mix/react large volumes of gases with liquids or slurries, and are a cost-effective replacement for stirred and diffusion tanks and packed towers.


KRS-Technologies Oy in Finland and Quantum Technologies Inc have agreed about cooperation. KRS is now a sales and marketing representative for Quantum globally.​


The most common plant size unit is the White Liquor Oxidizer and the Green Liquor Oxidizer. Quantum oxidizers are only one in the industries that can Fully Oxidize White or Green Liquor in full range of flows that can be used in O2 delignification stage as well as in Bleach plant as of alkali sources.


With this many applications of the reactor we have proven the ability to prevent settling of solids through mixing to the point where the mixture can be held in suspension an extremely long period of time and occasionally forever.


The Mark VI is designed to accurately and consistently duplicate any pulp bleaching plant conditions for any bleaching stage. You can use the Laboratory Mixer/Reactor to simulate any mixer, mix any pulp, monitor pH, use any chemicals or combination of chemicals, duplicate bleaching tower conditions and more.


APRIL 2020
​Spare part and upgrade cataloque published for Mark Laboratory Mixers/Reactors.
Download Instructions for ordering can be found at the end of the cataloque.